Health Supplement Reviews – Why You should Go for Supplements Tested by ConsumerLab

ID-100291110The use of health supplements is done by many people without prescriptions. These products are provided without the need getting approval from the relevant authorities or organizations to show their safety. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not determine which health supplement is safe and effective for use. Similarly, manufacturers   of supplements do not have to prove the safety of their products before selling to the market.

Now, from the above points, it becomes obvious that the safety of most diet or health supplements in the market cannot be ascertained. This leaves consumers at the mercy of whatever claims the marketer or manufacturer of the product is claiming. However, all hope is not lost because there is still a way to determine the efficacy or quality of the supplements — this is by watching out if such product has the label of ConsumerLab (CL).

About ConsumerLab

ConsumerLab is a third party group of professionals that tests many products that relate to health, nutrition, and wellness. These products are tested for compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set by the FDA, and when the product passes the test it would be provided with the “CL” sign of approval. ConsumerLab is highly recognized as a company that provides objective results and ratings for many consumer products in the health and nutrition category.

The types of products frequently tested by ConsumerLab include: Health and Nutrition products like vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and other supplement. It also tests functional foods, prescription medications, sports & energy products, food & beverages, and personal care products. Periodically, these products are evaluated for their impact on consumer health, nutrition, and wellness.

Testing criteria used by ConsumerLab

ConsumerLab applied different to criterion to establish the effectiveness of a particular product.

  • It tries to ensure that the supplement is tested for Identity, meaning that the quality claimed on the product label is identical with the ingredients contained in the product.
  • It tests the product for strength or quality. This means that the amount of ingredient quoted on the label is tested.
  • It tests the supplement for purity. This is to find out if the ingredients include certain amount of contaminants.
  • It tests the product for disintegration. This is to ensure that the product is one that can easily digest or broken down by the body.

So, you should lookout for the CL sign of approval if you are reviewing safe and effective supplements to use.